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Employee Reviews with Competence and Style

Kursnummer: FUEMRSV18_01
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Are you in a position in which you are expected to hold employee reviews in English? Have you got the feeling that you would need some support in matters of the language on the one hand and specialist knowledge concerning the how to on the other hand?
Here is the solution. In this two-day seminar you will gain both: language and specialist competence.

Zielgruppe: managers, specialists and executive staff
Inhalt: I Basics
I What you need to get started
I Your own attitude
I The procedure of employee reviews
I Creating a good atmosphere
I Key vocabulary
I Different possibilities of employee reviews
I Uncertainties that might occur
I Conducting employee reviews with your real situations

As it is about language, the whole seminar will be carried out in English.
Hinweis: You may get a private teaching on the job which is to be payed seperately.
Dauer: 16 Unterrichtseinheiten
Ort: Stuttgart
Förderung: oder 30 % bzw. 50 % Zuschuss durch EU-Fördermittel möglich
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